Grand Master Cheungs Herbal Cream

Treats the following symptoms and ailments:
Tennis Elbow
Stiff Neck
Sprains and bruises
Back Pain
Knee and Ankle injuries
Carpal tunnel Syndrome


Jan Rupp:

This autumn I took a serious fall and and really damaged my shoulder which became a very irritating and painful injury. After 10 weeks or so I began using "Cheung's Herbal Relief Cream"
and was ecstatic to find my shoulder finally healing and again being able to sleep without waking up in pain several times a night! A great product.


Norma Brazitis:

During a vacation in China I severely sprained my ankle, stepping on a loose tile. By the time we got back to the hotel my ankle was severely bruised and I was unable to place any weight on it.
Grandmaster Cheung worked on my ankle using the Herbal cream, by the next morning the bruising was gone and I was able to walk normally.


Vanessa Salazar:

I twisted my ankle going down the stairs at my home. My ankle immediately swelled up and turned purple and yellow, I was not able to put any weight on it. Dan applied Grandmaster Cheung cream and worked meridian pressure points as well. After 3 hours the swelling was greatly reduced, the bruising started to disappear, and I was able to walk normally.


Bob Shores:

I have been experiencing pain in my hands due to two industrial accidents. As a teenager I severed my left index and middle finger as well as half of my thumb. My right hand was caught by a machine that ripped my 5th metacarpal in half and spun it so my finger pointed toward my elbow. Of late these injuries are causing serious pain after 40 years because of the nerve damage. My physician started treating my for Neuropathy with Gabapentin. This takes the edge off. When I apply Grandmaster Cheung's herbal cream I get instant relief from the pain.


Justin Dieterich:

"Awesome stuff and affordable, have used it numerous times with great results. First time was a bad sprained ankle applied the cream' wrapped it and was able to train that night the next day all bruising and swelling was gone. I also use it for my wrists and elbows do to my work. I highly recommend it".