ISO Chi and Meridian Stretching Class Information

ISO Chi:

ISO Chi teaches the practitioner the correct way to breathe, most of us have not thought about our breathing since the day we were born.
A large portion of the population utilizes only the upper 1/3 or our lung capacity and therefor do not realize the full capability of oxygen volume our lungs are able to capture.
By doing this, what is call oxygen deprivation takes place and in actuality the part of the lungs not taking oxygen retain much of the carbon dioxide.
Over a period of time this leads to a diminished amount of oxygen that is delivered to the bloodstream. This oxygen content is very important to the overall health of the bodyís complete system.
ISO chi combines proper breathing techniques with manipulation of select pressure points to help the increase of oxygen content in the bloodstream and increased flow of the bodyís internal energy (known in Asian cultures as Chi).

Meridian Therapy:

Meridian Therapy is a very low impact stretching technique that works on the bodyís meridian channels by promoting energy (Chi) circulation in the bodyís meridian channels,thus improving growth and functions of all organs and faculties of the whole body. These meridian channels are used in Acupuncture and acupressure treatments however these techniques are very cumbersome. The advantages of the Meridian Stretching are: itís easy to do, can be self-administered, and is direct and effective.
From Wikipedia -The meridian system is a traditional Chinese medicine belief about a path through which the life-energy known as "qi or Chi" flows. Recent studies confirm that the meridians and acupoints have many biophysical properties such as electric, thermal, acoustic, optical, magnetic, isotopic, and myoelectric characteristics, which are different from those of non-acupuncture points. Meridian stretching is suited for everyone from the very young to the very old.

Why do Meridian stretching?

1) Promotes Chi circulation in the meridians.
2) Speed up injury recovery of muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones.
3) Reduces muscle tension and helps the body be more relaxed.
4) Allows better co-ordination by allowing freer and easier body movement.
5) Increase range of motion.
6) Prevent injuries, i.e. muscle strains.
7) Develop body awareness.
8) Promote blood circulation.

When do Meridian stretching?

1) In the morning before the start of the day.
2) At work to release nervous tension.
3) After sitting or standing for a long time.
4) Before a workout.
5) Help with sport related injuries.