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Longmont Wing Chun


Haley Biddle:

Even with such a short amount of time to train at your academy, I feel like I learned so much- I left the US and arrived here in Mozambique feeling much better prepared to protect and defend myself in the event that I would need to do so. In addition, I want to express my gratitude for how wonderfully affordable the classes were- there is really nothing comparable in Boulder County! You guys were patient, kind, and it was obvious that you truly care for the well-being of your students.

Tzung-Sz Shen:

"The martial art is one of the important life skills that my wife and I would like our daughter to have. My daughter and I started attending the family lessons in Longmont Wing Chun Academy a few years ago. We have now moved up to the adult classe. Unlike other showy and flashy martial art schools, Sifu Brazitis has created a fun, encouraging and family-friendly environment in Longmont Wing Chun Academy that focuses on practical techniques and applications. Through the years, I have enjoyed every minute of practicing Wing Chun alongside my daughter and working with Sifu Brazitis in Longmont Wing Chun Academy."

Patty Martin:

I am a slow student and kung fu doesn't come naturally to me, but I've been working almost a year and slowly making progress. At a family party this summer, an 80 pound dog attacked me after I picked up his tennis ball. Honestly, I was terrified and was sure that I was in real trouble. Without thinking I stepped into a front stance and gave the dog a front kick to the chest. Without the kung fu, I certainly would have been bitten and spent the rest of the day in the emergency room. Afterwards, everyone told me how impressed they were that I defended myself. Thank goodness for Sifus Dan and Norma for their diligent instruction; their teaching gave me the skill to defend myself when I needed it!

Kirk Anthony:

I took up Wing Chun about a year ago, having had a taste of it many years back. Looking for confidence and better mind/body control, the art has given me much more that I can use in daily life. Greater awareness of self and surroundings in addition to learning to sidestep conflict have been great lessons. The instruction at Longmont Wing Chun is exceptional and Si-Fu is very good at conveying the principals behind the lessons.

Timothy Uecker:

As a father of Chinese-born 8yr old twin boys, I was attracted to the Longmont Wing Chun Academy for cultural reasons first. I have since found the experience to be greatly rewarding in a variety of unexpected ways. Unlike other activities where I can only either watch or coach, I participate right along side my sons, they see me work, fail, succeed, advance to new levels just like them. Si-Fu Dan Brazitis runs a patient and interesting class with a flexible schedule, and I see the benefits of the art in many ways outside of the academy.

Hoang Nguyen:

The Wing Chun training that I received from Sifu Brazitis literally paved the way into my understanding of martial arts in general. It gave me a solid foundation of understanding how to approach a martial situation. "Never fight force with force" and "step back and off the line of attack" are just a couple of the basic concepts that Sifu has taught me over the years that has helped me martially and even in my daily life. He's given me the analytic skills to solve problems on my own, martially and in my daily life. Sifu has given me the ability to expand on my own for the rest of my life. I will always be grateful for those skills he's ingrained in me through the years.

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