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Longmont Wing Chun

Master Dan Brazitis


Master Dan Brazitis brings a total of 40 years of martial arts teaching experience to his kwoon in Longmont, Colorado.

On October 14, 2015 Master Brazitis tested before Grandmaster William Cheung and obtained his Master Level rank. Part of his grading was held at new Yip Man Museum in Foshan China, birthplace of the Wing Chun Kung Fu. He performed the Wooden Dummy Sets, Bil Jee and Chum Kil forms in the front of over 30 people.

He was inducted into the USA Martial arts Hall of Fame in 2008 and was awarded Kung Fu Master of the year 2008.

The University of Asian Martial Arts Studies presented him with a Doctorate of Martial Arts Philosophy & Martial Arts Science PhD/MA.D.SC in 2008.

He started studying at the Imperial Martial arts Academy, at the age of 15, located in Longmont Colorado. During his training there he studied Jujitsu, Judo, Aikido, weapons and Modified Wing Chun. Sifu Brazitis obtained the rank of Shodan, First Degree Black Belt. One of his instructors, a highly respected jujitsu/Modified Wing Chun martial artist and instructor, named Jerry Bolding, began training in the Traditional Wing Chun system taught by Grand Master Cheung. Following the lead of Master Bolding, Master Brazitis began training in the Traditional Wing Chun and was impressed by the completeness of the traditional system. In 1986 Master Brazitis decided to dedicate himself to the Wing Chun System and started training with the Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.

Since 1986, Master Brazitis has traveled across the U.S. to attend over 30 seminars presented by Grand Master William Cheung and has sponsored two seminars, in Longmont, personally taught by Grandmaster Cheung. Master Brazitis has traveled to China 6 times to train at the Shaolin Temple, in the region of Song Mountain, Dengfeng City, Henan Province. He has also traveled to Australia to train at the main branch of the Global Wing Chun Kung Fu Association. Master Brazitis completed his Instructor's Grade under Grand Master Cheung in 1993.

Along with continuing his own growth as a kung fu practitioner, Master Brazitis has trained 11 people to the level of instructor in his school.

Address: 1150 Francis St Longmont CO 80501 Tel: 720-378-1865  ___________________