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Longmont Wing Chun

Profile of Grandmaster Cheung


William Cheung, having trained four years part-time with Yip Man, was accepted as a live-in student training full time-time for another four years. During this time, in 1954, Grandmaster Cheung was responsible for introducing Bruce Lee to the Wing Chun system, and helped him with his training and development of the art. Grandmaster Cheung stands eighth in direct line of the Grandmasters from its originator, Ng Mui. Between 1957 and 1958 Grandmaster Cheung won the Kung Fu elimination contests in Hong Kong against opponents with years more experience than himself.

In 1973 Grandmaster Cheung decided to teach martial arts professionally in Melbourne Australia, and set up his headquarters in Melbourne's Chinatown. During 1974 he founded the World Wing Chun Association.

From 1978 to 1980, Grandmaster Cheung was appointed Chief Instructor in unarmed combat to the U.S. Marines of the Seventh Fleet, based in Yokosuka Japan.

Grandmaster Cheung was awarded the Black Belt Hall of Fame Award "Kung Fu Artist of the Year" in 1983 and in the following year set the world speed punching record of 8.3 punches per second at Harvard University. Grandmaster Cheung was the recipient of the "Blitz 1998 Lifetime Tribute, Hall of fame award". Grandmaster Cheung has appeared on over 30 martial arts magazine covers. Grandmaster Cheung is the author of more than ten books on Wing Chun.

Grandmaster Cheung is the founder of "Cheungs Meridian Therapy and was appointed for two years from January 22, 2000 to January 21, 2002 by the China Guangzhou Medical University and Hospital Research Institute as a professor and research fellow for his Cheungs Meridian Therapy (CMT) program

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