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Longmont Wing Chun


Going to College, Going overseas, Part of the Crime Victims board/ Victims compensation program? This is a class for you.

The mind is capable of being our first and foremost line of defense in any given situation, if we have given ourselves the necessary information along with the proper conditioning. With this approach it is possible to change the way we feel about ourselves and the way we relate to everyone around us.

The techniques taught are taken from Wing Chu Kung Fu which is a martial art developed by a woman, using simple and easy self-defense techniques. These techniques use deflection and positioning so you do not have to be bigger and stronger than your opponent, to be effective.

Improve your health at the same time:
Relieve stress, improve your physical fitness;
Develop better co-ordination and reflexes;
Improves self-esteem and self-confidence;
Improve relationships with family and friends

Here is a sample of the situations you will learn to address.
1) Parallel arm grab       2) Cross arm grab
3) Double hand grab      4) Grab from the front
5) Grab from the rear     6) Grab from the side
7) Side head lock           8) Rear bear hug
9) Front Choke             10) Rear Choke

Call 720-378-1865 for more information

Tuesdays - 6:30-7:30, Cost - $45 a month or $15 dollars per class. Sorry the free introductory lesson does not apply to this class.
Click on the Brochure below to send an email asking for more information.

Or email us at longmont_wingchun@yahoo.com

Address: 1150 Francis St Longmont CO 80501 Tel: 720-378-1865  ___________________