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Longmont Wing Chun

Si-Fu Norma Brazitis

Pictured above, Norma recieves her Gold Sash/Level 10 from GrandMaster William Cheung November 18, 2012.

Norma began her Martial Arts training in 1993 studying Wing Chun. A bad car accident left her with a broken spine and broken jaw, she was laid up for a solid year and in physical therapy for over five years. Norma was concerned that she would have trouble training Wing Chun because of her injuries, but decided to give it another try and restarted here Wing Chun Training in 2005. She has found that training in Wing Chun helps her body stay strong and give here increased flexibility.

In addition to her Wing Chun training Norma also gets treatments from Grandmaster Cheung, using his meridian therapy, every time she attends one of his Wing Chun Seminars. Grandmaster Cheungs treatments have given her even more mobility and a better overall physical health.

In 2005, Norma started assisting Sifu Brazitis with the Family and Children's class at the new Francis St location.

Sifu Norma continues teaching the children/family classes while continuing her own training during the adult classes. Sifu Norma also teaches a self defense class and has trained 3 women who have traveled to foreign countries to serve in the peace corps.

Sifu Norma has traveled to China 5 times to train at the Shaolin Temple, in the region of Song Mountain, Dengfeng City, Henan Province with Grandmaster Cheung.

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